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Open Programs

De Baak offers open courses where individuals from different companies can participate. Each of the courses is specially designed to address various “learning questions”. Through an intake/evaluation process you will be counselled towards courses that best suit your learning needs. These courses are facilitated in the English language (trainers are native and non-native English speakers, depending on the course), and your fellow course participants will be from diverse backgrounds and from different companies and industries. The group dynamics are crucial to your learning process. All these themes or combinations with other thems can also be offered in tailormade programs.

Communicate with Impact
Are You Reaching People? Do you want to gain insight into your own communication patterns? And knowing your own qualities and weaknesses as a communicator? Learn to observe others and become sensitive to different communication levels. Study the content of communication; the emotion behind it; and the intention behind messages.

Young Executives Program
This program is an intensive experience. Those who choose this context are not afraid of change. They want to explore their personalities; want to be challenged by international business environments; want to grow - and even be confronted. You will encounter other emerging executive men and women (28 to 38 years old) who also seek self-focus.

The Baak Leadership Entrepreneurship Advancement Program
You have questions about your leadership role - and no one at work with whom you can discuss these issues. How can your role be expanded - theoretically and practically? These are the insights that, together, we evolve. This intensive program helps you to enhance your work performance, to become more innovative in the constantly changing environment. 

Baak Senior Executive Program
This program can help renew your vision of your organization, your employees and, as important, your assessment of your potential. Seasoned instructors work as a sounding board for your ideas and intuitions about yourself. The program guides people to insights of unanticipated depth and power, moving you closer to your essence as a leader.

Master Class Leadership
Strong leaders can answer questions reflexively. They know themselves inside-out...and from the outside-in. This broader sense of self informs their actions; model leaders know the areas in which they can allow themselves greater freedom of thought and action. This profound level of self-knowledge is the goal for the Master Class in Leadership.

Me & Others
This program is about your authenticity as a person, a colleague and a manager. Natural leadership begins with deep understanding of yourself. This establishes the foundation for your ‘face’ and impact towards and on the organization. By enhancing your creative and innovative capacities, you will be more credible and more effective in your relationship with others.

Expert Negotiating
This is an intense, practical program. We will guide you through the content, procedure, and goal of negotiations. You will learn to distinguish the successive stages in the process and to capitalize on your negotiation position. You will leave the program with the ability to secure your interests - even in the most stressful settings.

Get Real
It’s a special stage: you are young, at the start of a rewarding career. Most of the time you are confident that your know-how and talent will see you through. After experiencing “Get Real”, you will act more persuasively, decisively, flexible and autonomously. Your actions will yield in concrete results. And, you will discover what you really want from your career.

The Dutch Chinese Entrepreneurship program
Differences in culture, language and legal systems can be extremely challenging for a starting company in China. Therefore, in collaboration with the established business community and Chinese government officials de Baak is providing an training program for Dutch businesses and entrepreneurs in Shanghai.  

Personal Coaching
Organizations engage de Baak coaches to help individuals focus. Together, we agree on a common goal - and we help them to become more efficient in reaching that goal. De Baak's network of coaches is diverse and international. All coaches are qualified for and experienced at creating a secure learning environment.

Managing People
In this program you will gain solid techniques for inspiring productivity in others. Practical exercises provide the context; you will get the feedback you need to understand how your current management style is received by others. What is the effect of your behaviour? How do you approach and motivate people? You learn to take control of yourself and the situation.

Next Level Leadership
How many years have you been in the workforce? Nearly a decade? Longer? You have unique experience, and that is valuable. So, how do you envision the next few years? Are you looking for learning and inspiration to continue to grow and to lead with passion? We’ll work with you to discover the leader you wish to become. You will feel freshly energized!

Personal Change and Growth Program
High-impact professionals who work in the international community continuously develop their skills and focus strongly on personal excellence .  Do you want to create more personal awareness, find more authenticity, personal leadership and personal branding? We work with a learning space in which all participants add value in the learning process of the others.       

To discuss courses for individuals, please contact de Baak’s Advice Desk: +31 343 556 369, or go to www.debaak.com/opencourses