Module in India

The Leap: leadership program for advanced managers. "Learning in India means redefining your routines".


A participant of The Baak LEAP program  (
On March 31st 2012, I was one amongst a group of 16 Dutch managers who arrived at Bangalore Airport for a seven day stay in Davangere where they were going to work on three project proposals made by the Indian Managers of the microfinance company Chaitanya. The Dutch and Indians followed this week the Leadership programme organized and accompanied in co-production by the Baak and Better Future India. Together we learned about each others worlds, managing skills, daily work and different ways of approaching projects and problems as a leader.
For the Dutch it was really getting out of their comfort zone. For me the tip from Chaitanya's managing Director Anand Rao: "Be engaged not attached", will accompany me for the rest of my life. Before India I knew I was too involved in the well being of my company and our clients, I was often angry about decisions and lost energy. My goal when I started this programme was finding the balance in being engaged so I would be more effectively influent and reflect more strategically. What I knew in my head, I can feel now in my body. Thank you!
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