Think Tank

Post Crisis Leadership


"What we need is tangible visions on where to go and practical strategies on how to get there; the essence of leadership in this day and age may well be that such vision and strategy are created collectively."
Krijn van Beek

De Baak has a longstanding tradition of investing in furthering the Human Side of Enterprise. Building on this we are now creating a think tank, a body of affiliates, formed by our most esteemed senior colleagues in Europe: De Baak Europe.

We are doing this in response to the unprecedented times we are all moving into, signified by the collapse of financial institutions and markets and by the consequent re-evaluation of corporate governance. We do not know for certain where we are heading.

It is our firm belief that together we can understand and prepare for whatever the post crisis leadership requirements may be. By coming together we can strengthen both individual and local resilience and influence.

You can meet some of the the Think Tank members from Europe at our annual event on 7 January 2011:
Meet the World 2011; Leadership Talks

Members of the Think Tank for Post Crises Leadership:
Patrick Harris, Director, Thoughtengine, England, Antoon Geels, 7th Dan Judo, Professor in History and Psychology of Religion, Lund University, Sweden, Adriaan Bekman, Founder and director of IMO, The Netherlands, Krijn van Beek, founder, think tank 2100, The Netherlands, Lena Bergström, Managing Director, MiL, Sweden, Enric Bernal, Co-Founder and Managing Director at PINEA Partners, Spain. Stefan Boëthius, CEO ICAS, Switzerland, Michel Fender, Director, ESSEC Executive Education, France, Elaine Herdman Barker, Psychologist, researcher in adult development theory, Harthill, England, Jonas Janebrant, MiL, Sweden, Christoph Lehmann, MIRA, Germany, Bert Mulder, associate professor of Information, technology and society, member of the European Cultural Parliament, The Netherlands, Nerijus Pacesa, Professor in strategy, University of Management and Economics ISM, Lithuania, Kris Rote, Director at Baak-open, The Netherlands,  Perttu Salovaara, Innotiimi, Managing Director, Finland, Stephane Sinimale, Associate Director, Corporate Learning, Thunderbird, Switzerland, Murray Stein, Jungian Analyst and President of ISAP Zurich, Switzerland, Christer Windeløv Lidzélius, Director, KaosPilots, Denmark, Armando Castro, Italy, Stefan Boëthius, Geschaftsleitung, Director Psychological & Legal Services, (CEO) ICAS Schweiz AG, Switzerland. Hans Lundberg, Profesor-investigador de Planta, ITESM, EGADE Campus Estado de México, Mexico City, Mexico and Senior Lecturer, Linnaeus University, Sweden, Caroline van Frankenhuyzen, Senior Program Director at de Baak, The Netherlands, Martina Eberl, Professur für Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre -insb. Management und Organisation - Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin, Germany, Peter Schmidt, Executive Manager and Co-Founder of Innovation Europe, Germany, Karin Jironet,Theologian, Jungian Psychoanalyst at de Baak, The Netherlands, Ed Hagedorn, Director HR at de Baak, The Netherlands.

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