Social Safari 2012

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Social Safari 2012

The perfect social innovation think tank
1-6 jul 2012

The Safari is a one-week program in which participants from diverse backgrounds work together on complex social issues in Amsterdam. For one week we create the perfect social innovation think tank. Imagine the creative power of designers, consultants, social workers, entrepreneurs, politicans together. Imagine being part of that!

The Social Safari takes places in Amsterdam from the 1st to the 6th of July 2012. Five partner organisations bring in their social innovation challenge. During the week you will work with several international talents on this social issue. Here's what can you expect:

  • A unique action learning experience on methods of social innovation, social design and co-creation;
  • Learn about leadership as an important aspect for social change;
  • Better understanding of local social issues in the Netherlands;
  • A possibility to offer your skills to the community in order to contribute to substantial change;
  • A wonderful opportunity to make international contacts.

For more informatie, view our website and watch the trailer (see also bottom left of this page). 

Or, if you know your up for it: Apply now!

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