Let's Play Innovation!

11 jan 2013

The world is rapidly changing and organizations struggle to find new ways to remain part of the game. Or should we start a completely new game…? Let's build a prototype!

On the 11th of January 2013 de Baak organizes the annual Beat The World event, with this year a focus on Innovation and how Playfulness can help organizations in this process. This webpage gives an overview of our progress. We've already started with some interesting international partners, so contact us to play along and contribute to this festival!

Innovation and Playfulness
How to innovate is one of the central questions, and obviously there is written a lot about it lately. Incremental, disruptive, modular, discontinuous, radical, collaborative, … innovation. What you could say is that each kind of innovation asks for a different approach, but one of the main aspects in dealing with uncertainty and creativity is to approach it in a playfull way. Succesful organisations like Apple, Google and Ideo have implement Play in their way of working, which makes them more creative and flexible then most of their competitors. Even the worldfamous Project Management Institute is talking about Improvisation. So how do you use something so not professional like Play in your so serious organization?

Visit te website beattheworld for more additional information.

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