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PINC the conference with a soul

Peter van Lindonk

Peter van Lindonk, director of PINC, has been a leading publisher of corporate books in the Netherlands for many years. All of these publications have one thing in common: they begin with a creative concept. That means creativity is an integral part of his life.
Peter longed to do more with that creativity and wanted to feed his omnivorous passion for a wide range of topics. Inspired by several conferences he attended in the Netherlands and abroad, he decided to organize a unique conference that was all about passion. He had no idea where to start, so he just followed his instinct. His biggest problem was finding people who would be interested in attending a conference of this kind.
Most other conferences appeal to a specific group of people or focus on a single theme. People who are interested in just one field would not fully understand the PINC concept. “You need people with full heads,” as one of the speakers told Peter. The first conference was a success, and companies started demanding their own special PINC. They also asked if PINC could organize trips to inspire their staff, as well as various other activities. So now we not only organize the PINC Conference, but much, much more.

Although our main activity is still to organize the unique PINC Conference, we now also support companies and other organizations with a variety of tailor-made events and services, including:
* Conferences & seminars
* Local and international inspiration trips
* Creative consultancy & moderation
* Culinary event consultancy

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