How to Change Mindsets?

Making Young Leaders Aware of Sustainability


Green: From just a color, to the ultimate way to lead your company. How to change the mindset of future leaders? This was the title of the American Chamber of Commerce's Young Professionals Event celebrating the 50 years Dutch anniversary.

By Kristin Jooss-Amadon Senior Program Director International

How did the speakers influence the group of over 100 young leaders and professionals?
They started with showing passion and explaining a personal story in the mist of what can be an overwhelming topic: sustainability and CSR. It's starts with enforcing the individuals responsibility, as well as, saying and acting like it makes complete and utter business sense to work towards being more sustainable. It's about sharing your hearts and using your brains. How? The role of creativity and innovation is key to creating movement towards the changes which are needed in order to protect the planet and the people who live here. Change of mind-set also means that we must start by accepting that we (human kind and the businesses that we have created) have been acting irresponsible.

Although we agree that Innovation engines are the drivers which will create and guide the way forward for us, there is an urgency not to be lazy and not to optimize on what already exists. DARE TO CREATE SOMETHING COMPLETELY NEW.

Be proud of what you do create and your customers will be too. Strive to be unique, positive and the first. Go beyond "what is less bad = is good" and using "guilt management" as drivers for change. Celebrate the human foot print, but be knowledgeable, innovative, passionate and committed towards our future, our planet and each other.

And by the way, it is cutting edge and can be very profitable.

We collected commitment statements from the AmCham Young Professionals group: “How will you personally commit, within your reach of influence, to being and acting "Green" as a young leader?”

"I personally commit to actively share insights to make people realize that acting green is not a trend or hype, but a necessity when it comes to managing resources economically in a peaceful and smart way in the world. And that it will effect our wealth and wellbeing already, not only generations to come." Marlon Huysmans, Sustainability Director, OVG Real Estate B.V. 

"To continue to pay a premium for green products despite the economic turbulence." James Cudin, Global Accounts Director, Ezswim B.V.

"To work towards the long term and sustainable relationship with my clients. This is the future and get back to the basics." Sharoepa Janki , Relationship Banker, RBS Global Network Banking
"Looking for cradle-to-cradle aspects in products we produce, and put more efforts into looking deeper into these products." Timo Roels, E&I Lead Engineer, Dow Benelux B.V.

"Sustainable Transportation is MORE than just CO2 reduction, I will go on working on that." Peter Siemensma, MSc, Consultant Environment & Transportation, DHV B.V.

"Transform the dominant organizing principles of company life, in order to become a sustainable enterprise." Jorn Fokkens, Human Foundation

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