Baak Boston Expeditions: Transforming Innovation into Business

You must handle the pain with strategy...It is not age; it is not diet. It is the will to succeed. Jacqueline Gareau, 1980 Boston Marathon champ

The Expeditions & Target Groups:

Baak Boston expeditions are designed to explore how Boston has emerged as a global leader in business and innovation. Boston is an established business environment on the intellectual cutting edge. So how are they doing this? Our goal is not just to share best practices, but we will explore together and create "next practices" for young leaders and experienced professionals.

There are three target groups for these expeditions, and the program is designed to reflect the needs of each of these groups:

1. Executive and Senior Managers
2. High Potentials -Talent Development
3. Sector Specific

“The economy of Boston was relative marginal hit by the last credit crisis, thanks to the business model based on innovation.”

Why Boston:

Boston is a hub of knowledge and innovation, resulting in economic stability within a fragile economic environment. Attracting the brightest of the brightest, the leading universities, colleges and institutes, such as, Harvard, MIT, Boston University and Emerson College are all in Boston.

“Neither New York nor LA has the seriously robust historical, intellectual or educational foundation that puts Boston alone on a tier with the great European cities as a place with a real soul while being a destination that has always attracted the very brightest of the very brightest Overall, many of the A-list minds in the U.S. and the world have come through Boston.”

These programs are designed based on current trends in the business environment. De Baak will connect you with these institutions, and we will explore and learn more about spin-off businesses which they have created as a result of continuing prosperity in other economic and societal sectors. 

“The strong connections between the public and private sector have been successful in making the transfer between the innovative potential of the city and business. This has made the world leading in Biotechnology / Life Sciences, Healthcare, Education and Finance.”

The Dutch government, together with the business community, have defined “Innovation” as the critical ingredient to sustained leadership in this global economy. In our programs, we will address how to combine innovation with entrepreneurship and leadership for more effective and sustainable solutions for organizations. As a result of the market needs, the Dutch government has defined nine top sectors, and delegations are going to Boston in November 2011 to look for cooperation with Boston as a world leader in Life Science.

With whom:

De Baak has potential cooperations´ with top insitutes (as mentioned above), and private and public companies located in the Boston area. In the Netherlands we work together with Dutch and American (non) govermental organisations that support the top sectors and leaders transforming innovation into business.

How can I join:

The expeditions are offered as Incompany / Intercompany programs, and can in that way be focussed on your organization challenge. We will facilitate the process before flying to The States to optimize group dynamics, add value to the learning process, networking and share expertise and knowledge. If you have a specific question for you organisation or want to support our efforts, please contact us.

Profile of program of the Expedition:

  • Inspirational speakers
  • Hands-on business cases & company visits
  • Visits & connection to universities/ institutions
  • Exploring Innovation through the Human Side of Enterprise: Creativity, Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Communication
  • Exploring cultural influences & impact 
  • Key connections & networking

Contact Team Baak Boston:

Kristin Jooss-Amadon– Senior Program Director, International

Rutger Slump - Senior Program Director Innovation

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