Masterclass The Innovator’s eye

8 mei 2013

Following the big success of Beat The World – Let’s Play Innovation event in January 2013, de Baak invited keynote speaker Suzanne Merritt back to facilitate a Masterclass on Purpose Driven Innovation. Would you like to know how to inspire others to step up and make a difference? Are you curious about how to engage the creative energy of your employees to grow your business? Learn together with professionals from de Baak and empower the innovative capacity of your team.

Masterclass The Innovator’s eye
‘Purpose Drive Innovation in practice’
by Suzanne Merritt, International Creatologist
Wednesday, 8th of May 2013

Leaders of innovation need to perceive real needs and create the means to meet those needs. In the process, they transform the world and themselves. During this Masterclass you will learn to work with the Innovator’s Eye method, which includes to…
… see and develop purpose driven innovation possibilities.
… create a culture and space for innovation in your organization.
… work with the CURIOSITY Framework.

Empower your workforce to anticipate customer needs
As a leader, you need to engage and empower your workforce (employees) to look for opportunities to innovate all the time everywhere. When employees have a clear sense of purpose and belief that their work is meaningful, they find the courage and motivation to step up. We’ll investigate how to anticipate real customer needs and generate innovative solutions to meet those needs in ways that are good for your business and the people in it. Discover the three secrets to creating a physical and psychological culture that inspires innovation and bold thinking so you can drive change throughout your organization.

CURIOSITY is a simple framework, which helps to see the world of the customer with fresh eyes and challenge assumptions. The CURIOSITY inquiry process sharpens observation skills and can be applied to designing products, discovering new markets and attracting attention to existing products or services. Learn to see Contradictions, Universals, Rarities, …During the Masterclass you will learn how to work with the Framework, which helps you to see opportunities your competitors miss.

Suzanne Merrit
Suzanne Merritt
 rior to starting her business, IdeasWithMerritt, Suzanne served as Sr. Creatologist Polaroid Corporation. As Founder of the Creativity Laboratory she designed innovation programs resulting in the generation of ideas valued at over 60 million dollars. Her work with leaders of innovation has been cited in Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal and the Journal of Business Strategy.

€ 150,00 (excluding VAT)


Date: Wednesday the 8th of May 2013
Time: 09.30 - 17.00 | Including lunch
Location: Landgoed De Horst in Driebergen (de Baak)
Participants: Professionals working on Innovation

Please bring your camera or smart phone. Part of the program includes a photo quest on the beautiful grounds of de baak. This will serve to deepen your experience and understanding of Innovators Eye methods.

Suzanne Merritt at Beat The World

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